This is HEREAFTER, a modern music production studio andcreative umbrella for award-winning music producer Steven Andy Potaczek. We craft music that meets market viability at the intersection of your ideas, songs, and uniqueness. We like to think of it as a partnership: you bring your vision, your music, your raw talent; we’ll bring award-winning co-writing and arranging, acute mix engineering, and turnkey music production. Together we’ll forge an artistically and commercially compelling sound that is relevant now and HEREAFTER.

Let's bring your vision and your sound into vivid, wild life.


Great music that generates fans, exposure, and revenue doesn’t just happen; it is born out of the right partnerships. Built on the bedrock of extensive experience, focused talent, and a servant’s heart, HEREAFTER is passionately committed to inciting nothing short of a musical revolution with you. We’ve worked in almost every genre with some of the largest names in the industry, had chart success on Billboard’s Top 40, helped our artists land prominent TV spots (including MTV, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, and CBS Evening News), and understand what goes into being a successful artist. If you’re an artist or company looking to take your music to the next level, get in touch with us.


It was 1998. Long before the days of Pro Tools and fresh out of high school, I modestly (like 8-track tape modest) produced and mixed my own musical debut. Word got out and I suddenly found myself producing and mixing other artists and bands in-between classes at Western Illinois University.

Upon graduating, I was tired of the Midwest and wanted to see the world. With a first full of piano keys and a heart brimming with passion, my wife Amanda and I started a piano-pop/rock band called 1000 Generations. Under that moniker, we landed a modest indie-label contract, which gave us CD distribution (yep, like back when Wal-Mart actually sold music) and quickly garnered a Top 40 single. While we loved recording and touring, I couldn't shake the deep longing to help other artists.

After 8 years of touring, I earned my Master’s degree in Music Technology from Purdue University, and pursued a career mixing and producing. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to play and work on countless studio and live albums, incredibly grateful to contribute to some of the most talented artists, companies, and brands.

Outside the studio you'll find me playing with my 2 little girls Stevie Lee and Bryn, chasing around our dog Frampton, or fixing up vintage arcade and pinball machines in HEREAFTER’s game room. Making an album should be fun, and what’s more fun than stuffing your best friend on NBA Jam?

Together we’ll forge an artistically and commercially compelling sound that is relevant now and HEREAFTER.


Simply put: we have the gear to bring out your very best! While we always have access to just about any piece (ranging from a custom-built API console to tube U47s and 67s), HEREAFTER is currently outfitted with:

Incredible outboard

  • Neve and API preamps
  • Empirical Labs Distressor compressors
  • Vintage EcoPlate II plate reverb
  • Hand-selected microphones
  • 003R Black Lion Audio Signature Series
    modded interface w/top-of-the-line convertors
  • The most current Pro Tools rig with loads of plug-ins

Inspiring keyboards

  • Handmade 1970s Baldwin SD-10 10′ concert grand piano
  • Vintage Hammond B3/C3 organ with Leslie 122
  • Nord Electro 5 HP73 keyboard
  • Vintage Oberheim Matrix 6 Analog Synth
  • Yamaha Motif 6 keyboard
  • 24-key keyboard accordion
  • M-Audio Venom 12-voice virtual analog synth
  • M-Audio MIDI controller

Gorgeous guitars

  • Gibson J-45
  • Martin OM-35
  • Nashville-tuned Tacoma parlor guitar
  • American-made Fender Telecaster electric guitar
  • Bean Blossom mandolin
  • Handmade point-to-point Risen Legacy guitar amplifier w/2×12 cabinet
  • Vintage 1960s point-to-point Danelectro combo amp w/original Jensen special design speaker


Let’s get together over coffee and talk about your music, your next step, your hereafter.

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