Great songs.

No matter how great of gear you take advantage of, no matter how much money you’ve got behind you, and no matter how great of players you’ve got working on your songs, absolutely nothing takes the place of great songs. Just listen to the early Beatles recordings! There’s nothing particularly impressive about the technology or the sounds from that era, but the songs!!! They’re just so good that they’ll work in any format, any style. This is how you want your music to be.

To that end, that was completely my experience recently working with the crazy talented artist Melissa Sandullo. Fortunately, we also had great gear and great players. As a result, I took all of us out to a special place I knew of: a small lake cottage where we set up shop for a few days to record her upcoming EP. I’m very proud of what we came up with and am including her 1st single here with this post…

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